Price, Location, Condition


  • Today’s listings no longer have a large price buffer (the amount of negotiating room available for a buyer) – so price your house right!
  • Many statistics taken from previous sales show a 2% to 5% difference from the listing and final selling price.
  • If the shingles need to be replaced, if the bathroom is still original from the 1950s, if there’s a crawl space instead of a full basement, or if the electrical panel is still a 60 amp fuse box, then these things must all be considered when properly setting a list price for your home.



  • After price, location is the next most important factor for a home buyer. No two buyers are alike and everyone has their own definition of ‘desired location’. You must keep this in mind when setting a price.



  • Today’s homebuyer wants that ‘wow’ factor when they first walk into a house.
  • If it’s determined that your house was priced right but hadn’t sold, then consider a small amount of redecorating to give your house a boost.
  • All major mechanical items should be in good working order and not in need of repair or replacement in the next few years. (These include furnace, electrical panel, shingles, windows, flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms.)
  • A fresh coat of paint and staging the house with a look that’s current will go along way, even if some of the larger mechanical items aren’t updated yet.
    De-clutter – your moving, so its time to pack up excessive items in your home.