How We Do It

We’re Knowledgeable:

  • can help you buy or sell
  • experience in most property types
  • have personally owned most property types

We Have a Positive Attitude:

  • positivity stands out
  • can help to foster positive thinking about your property

We’re Dedicated:

  • hard working
  • we think outside of the box

We’re Accessible:

  • always just a phone call away
  • accessible via cell phone, office phone, text message, email, fax
  • we run a fairly mobile operation – our office can be anywhere

We’re Visible:

  • full visibility in and
  • ads in certain local newspapers
  • manage numerous domain names that help point the public to our website and promote your property:;   www.LiveInThe;
  • Follow us on Twitter at @PrimeValleyRlty

We’re Informative:

  • provide peripheral information relating to buying, selling, financing, home inspections, etc.

And, We’re Connected:

  • member Ottawa Real Estate Board
  • full access to the Multiple Listing Service
  • visibility in the Renfrew Real Estate Board
  • member of Ontario Real Estate Association
  • member of Canadian Real Estate Association
  • member of Real Estate Council of Ontario