Our Buyer Services

Here is a detailed outline of the extensive services that will be provided to you during your search for your next home, hobby farm or piece of vacant land:


During the House Search:

  • Carefully provide you with feedback of each house we look at or tour through
  • Check to see how long it has been listed on the market
  • Provide feedback on pricing
  • Check the assessed value of the house for tax purposes
  • Check the system to see when the house was last listed
  • Identify if the house is being resold within a short period of time from when last purchased
  • Has there been major updates to the house since it was sold last
  • Check the system to see what prices similar houses in the area have sold for
  • Identify any issues that may require your attention (this is just a guideline, as it is highly recommended that you have a home inspection done by a qualified professional)
  • Identify if the house is being sold by the owner, a trustee, or a lending company


Upon Selection of a House:

  • Prepare an offer to purchase at your request
  • Ensure that you have adequate protection in your conditions of the purchase
  • Ensure that we do our best to negotiate the best price possible for you
  • Keep you informed during each step of the buying process
  • In the event that we are helping you as a buyer for one of our own listings, be aware that we must provide you with fair and honest information about the house, but we can not provide advice on what price to offer as we’re also working for the seller and this would be a conflict of interest.


During Fulfillment of the Buyers Conditions:

  • When you have successfully had an offer accepted and it has conditions we will assist you by providing contact names for any service professionals that can help you get your conditions met.
  • We will be present for any inspections that are to take place inside or outside of the house
  • Never hesitate to call us if you have any questions!
  • Once your conditions are all met and everything is proceeding as planned, we will ensure that your lawyers gets a copy of all relevant paperwork to begin the process of your purchase.


Upon Close:

  • At this point you will be dealing mainly with your lawyer, but we are still here for you, so don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.
  • On the close date your lawyer will call you to pick up your keys when everything is transferred to you.
  • Congratulations – the purchase is now complete. And by the way, we’re never too busy for any of your referrals. We’ll give anyone you refer to us the same professional, dedicated and courteous service that you received! Thank you and enjoy your new property.